Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Whom are Clarinet Pro Workshops for?
A: Any High School or Middle School Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, or E-flat Clarinet player in the Greater Austin Area.

Q: What will be different about Clarinet Pro Workshops from other music camps?
A: All we focus on is clarinet, and playing clarinet music. We have a curriculum and teachers who are experienced in teaching master classes to younger students  – and understand what is the most valuable information for a student’s level. Band Camp is awesome, so doing more than one camp a summer is always a good idea!

Q: What are camp hours?
A: Camp hours vary by location. You can find hours for your location on our High School and Middle School Workshops pages. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

Q: So it’s a half-day camp and I’m a parent who works full time…?
A: If you’d like us to help facilitate a carpool, please use our contact page and we can connect you with any other parents whose students are attending from your area prior to registering.

Q: Why not a full week?
A: Most school districts have closed their campuses on Fridays during the summer as a money saver. Right now we can’t offer 5 day camps because we simply don’t have the facilities.